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Folie Kitchen & Patisserie

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Folie Kitchen & Patisserie is a cafe in Seminyak that blends the beauty of France with the charm of Bali. They have a fancy but cozy setting and serve French food along with tasty breads and cakes. With its beautiful tiled floors, vintage-style furniture, and classy decorations, the cafe has a very French feel to it. Visit this cafe for crispy croissants, delicious quiche and hot drinks like café au lait.

Santorini Greek Restaurant

Santorini is a Greek restaurant located in Seminyak, Bali. This restaurant provides a dining experience inspired by the cuisine and atmosphere of Santorini, Greece. The restaurant’s white walls, blue accents, and traditional Greek decor create a pleasant and authentic ambiance. Santorini restaurants feature a wide range of Greek meals, including traditional favorites like souvlaki, moussaka, and tzatziki. Guests can also enjoy fresh seafood, Greek salad, and a diverse range of wines and beverages. Do you like to try Greek cuisine or simply enjoy the beauty of Santorini? Santorini Bali Restaurant is an excellent choice to consider.

Café Bali

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Café Bali, in Seminyak, is an attractive French-themed cafe. This cafe’s interior design has old furniture and décor inspired by Parisian cafes. Their menu offers a range of French foods such as croissants, escargots, and many exquisite cakes. You can also have a cup of espresso or café crème. Café Bali is the perfect place for a leisurely breakfast or brunch in an authentic European setting.
Even if you are in Bali, cafes with European interior design can transport you to the continent’s charm and elegance. Customers who appreciate wonderful pastries, delicious coffee, and authentic European-inspired cuisine may feel as if they are on the continent itself. So, if you’re seeking for a café in Bali with European-style interior design, stop by one of these establishments for an unforgettable and charming experience.