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Villaku.com – Vacation with family is certainly a valuable moment that is highly anticipated. Nowadays, there are many choices of interesting holiday destinations that can be visited with your loved ones, one of which is Bali. The island of the gods is indeed a paradise for family tourist destinations. In addition to its charming natural scenery, there are many choices of exciting and educational tourist attractions that are not to be missed. Well, we have a recommendation of 7 best family vacation destinations in Bali in 2024 that you must visit! Curious what are the recommendations? Let’s see the full article below!

1. West Bali National Park

Source : flickr.com

Source : flickr.com

West Bali National Park, one of the Island of the Gods’ national parks, offers a breathtaking natural beauty. From the heights, you may admire the verdant tropical forest and the breathtaking undersea splendour. There are several modern selfie sites with stunning natural scenery that should not be missed. One of these is Prapat Agung Beach, which is well-known for its excellent sea views. This national park also offers fascinating activities such as snorkelling and diving to experience coral reefs, woodland walking, canoeing, and camping while watching the sunset and sunrise. Anyway, it’s great fun!

2. Mara River Safari Lodge

If you want an interesting vacation in the style of an African safari, simply visit Mara River Safari Lodge. This resort is located in Bali Safari & Marine Park, Gianyar Regency, Bali, near Mount Agung. You will be spoiled by the view of Gianyar mountain and the beautiful valley stretching down. The environment is serene and relaxing, as if you are in the genuine safari country. There are numerous exciting things available, such as riding an ATV through the forest or photographing exotic creatures at the zoo. There are also swimming pools, safari restaurants, and distinctive tents where you may stay. Anyway, the facilities are enjoyable and complete!

3. Bali Zoo

The largest Zoo on the Island of the Gods covering an area of 9 hectares is also worthy of a recommendation for an educational vacation spot with family. Bali Zoo presents various animals starting from Indonesia and abroad! Some must-try attractions when visiting here such as zoos, animal museums, unique flamingo cafes, giant aquariums, petting zoos, circus theaters, to exciting waterparks. The price starts from Rp90,000/person for domestic tourists, and Rp355,000/person for foreign tourists. With an affordable budget, you and your family can be satisfied with adventure, enjoying exotic animals as well as playing in the water at the waterpark. It’s really worth it!

4. Waterboom Bali

Who doesn’t like to play with water? Of course you and your family are like that too. Well, Waterboom Bali can be an exciting choice for summer vacations with your beloved family. There are extreme water rides such as smashing track, space rocket, congo river, boom blaster, to various other types of slides that are ready to boost adrenaline. There are also wave pools, heavy rivers, children’s swimming pools, jacuzzi areas, water sprays, and kite coasters that make you hysterical. Complete facilities and fun rides. Especially if the atmosphere is rame-rame with family, it will definitely be even more exciting. Just come here for family entertainment as well as sports to drain energy to make the relationship more sticky.

5. Bali Bird Park

Want to see the largest collection of tropical birds in Southeast Asia in one location? Bali Bird Park is the answer. Located on Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambir Singapadu, Sukawati District, Gianyar Regency, Bali is a favourite of children’s education tourism about birds. The bird collection reaches more than 250 species native to Indonesia and abroad. There are instagenic selfie spots with birds of birds of paradise and flamingoes, photos with owls and mascot eagles, to parrot and pigeon eating attractions. There are also supporting facilities such as multi-storey cafes, waterpark children’s play areas to fishing. The price is affordable starting from only Rp60,000 per person.

6. Krisna Funtastic Land

This family amusement park ride is located on Jl. Seririt-Singaraja in Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. You can bring your child to enjoy the 40 available rides, which include a comedy round, a cable car, a slope house, and many others. There are also circus shows, children’s outings, water bikes, and treehouses. The ambiance is calm and has a strong Indian flavour, with statues of gods adding to children’s imaginations while they play.

7. Mason Elephant Park and Lodge

The biggest elephant breeding destination in Bali is no less exciting. Located on Jalan Elephant Safari Park, Gianyar Regency, Bali is an educational destination as well as a fun vacation adventure with family. In addition to interacting directly with Sumatran and Bali elephants, there are also genius elephant attractions, to elephant talent shows that are good to look at. There are also supporting facilities such as safari view restaurants, unique sheltered tents, spacious courtyards to cool selfie spots with elephant backgrounds.