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Villaku.com – Bali’s cafe scene is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. Whether you want a properly drawn espresso, a smoothie bowl, or a cozy spot to work while drinking a coffee, the Island of the Gods has something for everyone. Dive into our guide to find the greatest cafes in Bali, where your culinary dreams can come true.
From Seminyak’s stylish hotspots to Canggu’s boho havens, let us take you on a delightful trip to locate your ideal cup of Bali. So, leave the crowded beaches for a while, take your reusable mug, and prepare to find your new favorite café refuge. Your Balinese caffeine experience awaits!


The Hula

IG : @thehula__

IG : @thehula__

The Hula has an excellent brunch spot. Bread, like sandwiches, is a must-have, and coffee is also recommended. Hula stands out from the crowd because their bakery and roastery are located close across the street, ensuring that everything is fresh from the oven. The environment is relaxing, making it ideal for reading or writing.


Siblings Espresso Bar

Siblings Espresso Bar is a fantastic small, stylish establishment that serves absolutely excellent coffee and French pastries. It is a nice croissant shop with great coffee that is located next to sister field eateries. If you want to taste pastries, try Tiramisu Cruffin and Pain Au Chocolate.


Fold Cafe

Fold Cafe is certainly worth visiting, especially for the wonderful pastry variety. All of the pastries are baked fresh from the oven. The cafe provides an environment conducive to working. The exterior differs from the other buildings in the neighborhood. It is one of the most popular brunch spots in Canggu.


Sari Kitchen & Community

If you’re looking for a work-from-home cafe, Sari is a great option. Charging connections are easily accessible, and the environment and architecture are industrial-traditional. It’s also modern and environmentally sustainable. Every beverage purchase includes free refill water.


Crate Cafe

Crate is the best spot for breakfast with an excellent oat latter and all-day breakfast menu. There are many gluten and dairy free options, the portion is big and valuable. The place is quite spacious but can get crowded easily. The minimalistic design and sort of an industrial atmosphere with vacation vibes is what you will get, once you visit Crate.


Remember, the greatest cafe in Bali is the one that caters to your specific preferences. So grab your sunglasses, enjoy the island attitude, and go on your own unique coffee journey. With several cafés to choose from, your ideal cup of Bali awaits!