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Villaku.com – If you want to visit Ubud tourist attractions, whether with friends, family, or on a honeymoon, you must see the tourist attractions that are frequently recommended by Bali travel packages. There will be at least five activities to attempt at the various Ubud tourism spots.

Bali is the most popular tourist destination in Indonesia, particularly among foreign visitors. The main reason is that Bali offers a diverse arts and culture, a safe environment, and stunning natural beauty. There are several tourist attractions to visit, however it is impossible to see them all.

As a result, this time we’ll go over the activities available when visiting the Ubud Bali tourist attraction in greater detail. The main draw for Ubud tourism is the natural beauty of the countryside, as well as different Balinese arts and cultural centers. Unlike the South Bali tourist sector, Ubud does not have any beach attractions.


1. Monkey Forest

Source : Muhamad Ixsanvia unsplash.com

Source : Muhamad Ixsanvia unsplash.com

Almost all Ubud trip operators will include this tourist attraction. The main reason is that there are many local tourists on holiday in Ubud Bali who wish to visit the Ubud monkey forest tourism attraction. The main appeal is that it is located in a protected forest that is still quite picturesque and home to a large number of monkeys.

Tourist activities in the Ubud Monkey Forest area include wandering around and taking photos. This tourist area will be open from 09.00 to 16.00, with the optimum time to visit being 15.00 – 16.00.


2. Bird Park Gianyar

The next Ubud Bali trip may be most suited for people who want to take their children to see many types of stars, particularly birds, at the Bali Bird Park. It is one of Bali’s must-see tourist attractions. This tourist attraction features a variety of birds, including very rare birds that can only be seen on television.

It is one of Indonesia’s largest bird parks, covering at least hectares of land and housing a diverse array of birds. When you visit Bali Bird Park, you will see both native and exotic birds. There will be at least 1,000 bird species from 250 species, making it one of the most favorite tourist attractions for vacationers with families and children.


3. Tegalalang Terraces

Source : Nick Fewings unsplash.com

Source : Nick Fewings unsplash.com

The Tegalalang terraces in Ubud are Indonesia’s most famous tourist destination. The Tegalalang terraces are located in the same direction as the tourist destination Kintamani. It boasts a very unusual perspective of the rice fields, with a terraced rice field slope of about 40 degrees. When visiting Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Indonesian tourists typically take numerous photographs and spend time at one of the nearby cafes.

In addition to Tegalalang, the Jatiluwih rice terraces in Bali’s Tabanan region remain a popular tourist destination. Cafes in Ubud’s Tegalalang district offer views of terraced rice fields, making it a popular hangout spot. Tourists will be welcome to take a walk around the rice fields and try an activity known as Bali Swing.


4. Rafting on the Ayung River

There will be at least two Bali water sports activities that many tourists enjoy: Bali Rafting and Tanjung Benoa Water Games. If you want to undertake white water rafting, often known as the Bali rafting tour, you may do it at three locations: the Ayung River in Ubud, the Melangit River in Klungkung, and the Telaga Waja River in Karangasem. However, the Telaga Waja and Ayung Ubud rivers are popular tourist destinations.

The Ayung River in Ubud, in particular, offers river characteristics that make it ideal for rafting beginners. Rafting on the Ayung River will be more of a recreational activity than a sporting one. The Ubud Ayung River features a moderate current and stunning scenery typical of Ubud’s rural surroundings, which can be observed while rafting.


5. Campuhan Hill

Source : Sam Vellaunsplash.com

Source : Sam Vella via unsplash.com

This hill is more known among young people as the hill of love, and it was given that moniker since it was formerly used as a pre-wedding photo location. The major feature is a long expanse of lush hills that reach great heights. This lovely view attracts tourists, and virtually every day, particularly in the afternoon, there are a large number of visitors from overseas and Indonesia. If you want to view the sunset in Ubud, you can do it from the top of Campuhan Ubud hill.